My Journey

Wednesday 6th August 2014!

It has been a couple months since I have written in here, over the past few months I’ve had some major road blocks in my journey, life got really hectic and I ALMOST lost myself back to old bad habits. First road block – back in April I got a massive infection just underneath my ribs and had to go in for an operation to get the infection removed. Spent a couple days in hospital and then was to be on bed rest for only a week, my wound area had to be left open and packed a sterile material, the wound ended up getting infected and not healing and I became really really sick. After about 7-8 weeks of being sick and bed ridden the wound area was finally all healed and I was feeling 100% better….

I was trying very hard to get back into my journey but kept slipping into my old habits, I then came into a few more road blocks that just pushed me even further away from my goals. Finally I realised I’m always going to have some sort of road blocks in what ever journey I take and I can’t give up! I am doing this for an important cause and it really means the world to me, so I HAVE to keep going.

I have a lot of people counting on me and so many more supporting me, I know my journey has began again and I believe in myself. Sadly I ended up putting around 5kgs back on 😦 I now weigh 114.5kgs. I know that I didn’t put all my lost weight back on just wish I was strong enough not to have let myself slip back into old habits but I CAN DO THIS! I CAN LOSE MY UNWANTED WEIGHT TO RAISE MONEY FOR DIABETES!!

Another thing I am super excited about is Isagenix! I have recently been informed about this amazing company and their awesome products, I ordered the president pak to start this new part of my journey, I am currently on day 3 of a 30 day president pak cleanse and am loving it! I am already sleeping better at night, I feel great and can’t wait to see how I feel at the end of the 30 days… These products are amazing and wish I was informed about this company earlier 🙂


Wednesday 12th March 2014

Wednesday 5th March 2014

Wednesday 26th February 2014

I lost 0.5 kg! I have still been struggling a bit with my mind and motivation as well as had a lot of other stuff going on! I am trying very hard to get my mind back to being confident that I can do this! I know there will be weeks where I struggle and the past couple weeks have been that for me!

Since I was feeling a bit down about my weight loss in the past couple weeks, I decided to  take some new photos of myself and compare! This helped me a lot because I can already see amazing results and this is still just the beginning of this journey! If you wanna check the photos out click here.

Wednesday 19th February 2014

I am not confident i’ll have a loss in weight this week….. I wasn’t extremely bad but I lost a little bit of motivated after such a low low weight loss last week!

Ok, so I expected to put on this week but I lost 0.1 kgs, yes it a very low loss but its a loss! So i have to be happy with that!! I have been struggling this past week, my mind was giving up a bit! hopefully i’ll have a better week this week 🙂

Wednesday 12th February 2014

It’s my birthday! YAY!!

Over this past week I have worked extremely hard, I have exercised everyday, eaten perfect so I am pretty confident heading into weight watchers to get weighed!

I feel like crap!! I only lost 0.1 kg this week, how is that even possible!!

I did have an extremely late dinner last night, which I was told could affect the scales! This has just made me feel like shit, I worked so hard! I know that I shouldn’t be too disappointed because I have still done amazing so far but its my birthday and I just wanted have lost 15 kgs but nope its 13.7 kgs!

Next week will be interesting because I am going out for lunch today, place a birthday dinner with family tonight then have dinner and drinks saturday night with friends for my birthday! I will still exercise daily and try my best this week not to go too crazy!

Wednesday 5th February 2014

I lost 1.7 kgs this week, I am so happy with how far I am coming! My had work is paying off 🙂 Next Wednesday is my birthday, I am really hoping if I work hard this week I’ll be able to make it to the 15 kg loss mark! So far I have lost 13.6 kgs 🙂

I have lost more then 10% of my starting weight! I received my 10% weight watchers keychain today 🙂

Wednesday 29th January 2014

I’ve been watching the Biggest Loser lately and I have found myself relating to how all the contested were feeling about being the size they are and how weren’t really happy even if they have printed to be. This is true for me, I pretend to be the most confident and happy person around, I’m the funny fat chick! But truth is I’m not confident at all, and no where near happy with the size I am! I’m over pretending I want to be the confident, happy, funny chick just minus the FAT part!

I used to avoid telling people I was on a diet or change because I thought they would judge especially if I failed and in the past I have failed many times, but I have learned that if you don’t share your journey with others and keep it all a secret you will fail because others aren’t there to encourage you along and help you when you are in need! So this time I am telling the world, I am screaming it from the roof tops! I AM LOSING WEIGHT AND GOING TO KEEP IT OFF, so please help me everyone with this awesome adventure!

Another thing I always used to say is “I can’t do this without someone to push me” but really I need to learn to push myself, I have started seeing a personal trainer twice a week to help me with being pushed and breaking my exercise barriers down. Though it is hard work, it is worth it, he is a really great PT and very encouraging! I will also be starting a bootcamp he teaches this saturday!

This week at weigh in, I lost 1.8 kgs making it a total loss of 11.9 🙂 I am so happy that I am  doing this, losing weight, becoming a lot healthy and fit!

Wednesday 22nd January 2014

I was nervous again this week to weigh in because I went camping for a few nights, I didn’t eat extremely bad but did have a fair bit of alcohol but still walked a lot and it was so hot so sweated heaps! Also the days I wasn’t away for I worked hard very hard but I was still nervous to weigh in!

WHOOP WHOOP!! I finally got over the 10 kg mark even if it is by 100 grams! I lost 1.9 kgs this week making it 10.1 in 10 weeks. I am bit behind my weigh loss schedule I wanted to have but I am still extremely happy with myself because the old me would have already given up and I am never giving up!!

I said I would lose that extra christmas weight plus more, so I guess technically I really lost 0.5 kgs this week because the other 1.4 kgs was what I had put back on!

I have worked out there is 30 weeks until this part of the journey is over (losing it to help find it) and I still want to lose another 40 kgs therefore I need to be losing at least 1.4 kgs a week from now on! Its going to be very challenging but I am committed!

Wednesday 15th January 2014

First day back from Qld and its weigh in day :-/

Sadly I put on 1.4 kgs, I’m a bit disappointed in myself because I didn’t try hard enough while I was away but I still tried! Everyone has been very supportive about it and have said its was christmas time, you lose it next week etc. which is true I did think I was going to put more on but thats no excuse, I wish my will power was stronger, that comes with time I think.

I am getting myself back on track and WILL lose the weight I put on over christmas, plus more!!

Wednesday 8th January 2014

I didn’t make it to the weight watchers meeting in Qld, I overslept!! I am struggling a fair bit up here atm with my exercising, and a bit with eating, I am trying hard to get my head back into focus!

Wednesday 25th December 2013 and Wednesday 1st January 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

For these two weeks my weight watchers meetings aren’t on because they fall on Christmas Day and New Years Day, I have gone away to Qld to visit family I will try to attend a weight watchers meeting up in Qld the week after the 1st!

While being a way I have tried my best to stay on track, it has been hard and there has been times the old me has surfaced, I have really struggled during these two weeks! But I am determined to try my best to get back on track!

Christmas time and New Years is a hard time to be healthy but I know people do it, so I just have to try my best!

Wednesday 18th December 2013

This week I feel like I have worked my hardest, hopefully the scales reflect that!

I have lost 1.2 kgs this week, which makes the total 9.6 kgs…. I am a little disappointed because I really wanted to have lost a total of 10 kgs and worked so hard this week, But I can’t be too upset because I know that losing 9.6 kgs in a month is still amazing.

Wednesday 11th December 2013

Today is weigh in day 🙂 I’ve been doing great this week, so I am pretty confident i’ll lose a decent amount this week!

Whoop Whoop I have lost 2.3 kgs this week making my total weight loss so far 8.4 kgs 🙂 I am extremely happy with my efforts but have such a long way to go!!

Wednesday 4th December 2013

Weigh in day!! Whoop Whoop! This week I lost 2.5 kgs which brings my total loss to 6.1 kgs! Which I think is pretty awesome!

This past week has been great, I am still eating healthy and exercising, I do find it a bit hard to push myself and not listen to my mind which I am getting better at!

The old me would Normally take short cuts on my walks, let my mind convince me that I had done enough exercise and believed I couldn’t do it but I am trying very hard to push those thoughts out of my head and this week on my walks I have been making myself walk further and faster, also there is a saying I always think of now is that helps: “Don’t let your mind give up because your body will keep going!” this is so true.

One thing I am struggling with at the moment is going to bed early and waking up early so I can get my morning walk done earlier but haven’t quite got there yet! I think I just need to force myself to get up and go into robot mood and just get it done!

Wednesday 27th November 2013

Lost 3.6 kgs this week 🙂 Which I am extremely happy about!

First week over! I haven’t struggled as much as I thought I would, well apart from trying to wake up every morning at 6am to exercise, but I’m getting closer to 6 am every morning…

For the last four days I have been doing a fruit and vegetable detox, only eating fruits and vegs, to clean out my body and start fresh! The first few days were a bit hard as I got extreme headaches but apart from that I feel a lot better already. I plan on doing this detox for 15 days, then after that I will continue to eat fruit and vegetables as well as meat/fish etc. while still maintaing a healthy balanced food intake.

This week I have been pretty proud of myself, mainly because others around me have been eating unhealthy foods and I haven’t even considered breaking my detox. Last night I went to the movies with my cousin who decided to eat a few churros before the movie, the old me would have also sat there and ate them as well as get popcorn to watch the movie and I would have just pretended it never happened BUT I am committed to this lifestyle change so I sat there while she ate, and watched a movie with no popcorn!

Wednesday 20th November 2013

Today marks the beginning of this awesome adventure! I was extremely nervous about my first official weigh in at weight watchers because I had no idea how heavy I would be, I mean I had a rough number in my head but I was about to find out I for sure, so i was nervous!

I knew my weight would be big but finding out the exact number made me disappointed in myself because I had done this to myself! I only have myself to blame. I really didn’t want to publicly admit my weight partly because truthfully I didn’t want to admit to myself I was that heavy but my mum told me if I was going to commit to this I needed to commit fully and she is right.

Now is the best time for me to fully commit to this cause, my official starting weight as of the 20th November 2013 is 125.6 kgs and my total cms added up (left upper arm – 44cm, right upper arm – 44cm, left thigh – 77cm, right thigh – 77cm, waist – 128cm and hips – 143cm) is 513 cms. I will be uploading photos of my journey which will include my weight watchers report card, before shots, measurements etc. If you request a specific photo just email me at and I’ll upload it.

Now let this Journey officially begin!


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