About Me

1005926_10201331437748603_1191443740_nHi I’m Tiffany

I am a 24 year old full time Newcastle University student who is looking for support from the community to help raise money for a cause that is close to my heart, a cure for Diabetes.

For a long time I have tried and failed to lose weight, I had tried numerous different “diets” but nothing seemed to work for me and I realised without motivation and determination I would continue being the size I was.

I finally got that motivation when I decided to raise money for The Australian Diabetes Council, raising money for this cause had been on my mind for a while I just had to figure out how I was going to do it, then it hit me, I could keep motivated to lose weight if I was not only doing it for myself but for a good cause.

I got in contact with The Australian Diabetes Council who approved my fundraising idea, and also started going to my local weight watches meetings, where my official weight will be recorded, I am extremely happy by what I am doing as it has given me determination to keep going on my life style change and the motivation I need to succeed.

I can’t do this alone though, I need your help 🙂 click here to find out how you can help me lose weight and raise money for diabetes.


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