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LOSING IT TO HELP FIND IT! is all about raising money to donate to the Australian Diabetes Council to help find a cure for Diabetes.

I want to contribute to this important cause by changing my own life style and losing as much weight as I can in order to improve my health and substantially reduce my chances of contracting the disease in either form. So, I have created this fund raising challenge to not only make a difference in my own life, but hopefully also make a difference in the lives of many others. I also hope to get awareness of Diabetes, and the significant adverse health effects it can have if left undiagnosed or poorly treated, out there to as many people as possible.


My initial weight loss challenge, and start of my life style change, will commence on Wednesday 20 November 2013 and will run until Wednesday 19 November 2014, a week after an event called the “Tough Mudder” which I will be completing!

My hope is to secure as much sponsorship and donations from as many people as possible to spur me on to lose all my unwanted kilos and/or centimeters.

 My goal in this time is to raise at least $5,000 from your sponsorship or donations to contribute to research to find a cure for Diabetes. I hope to shed a minimum of ½ – 1 kg per week – a minimum total of 30 – 40 kilos and several centimeters over the relevant time period of the challenge!

Diabetes and I need your help! So, please sponsor me on my healthy lifestyle changing journey

               HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP

You can help me and this important cause in the following ways:-

  • Sponsor me an amount of money PER KILO of weight that I lose*;
  • Sponsor me an amount of money PER CENTIMETRE I lose (total of all centimetres lost from arms, waist, bust and thighs)*; or
  • Donate a one-off or set amount of money at any time.

*(for example, if you chose to sponsor me at $1 per kilo of weight loss and by the end of the challenge I lose 40 kilos, your donation amount will be $40. The same principle applies to the “per cm” sponsorship choice).

Please note that any donations over the amount of $2. are tax deductible. A receipt will be issued upon payment.



100% of the donations and sponsorship raised during this “Losing it to Help Find It!” charity challenge will go directly to the Australian Diabetes Council to help with research to find a cure for Diabetes.

The Australian Diabetes Council is committed to turning diabetes around through awareness, prevention, detection, management and finding a cure. I am inspired by the work that they do, so I wanted to support them by raising money while making important lifesaving changes to my own life and ultimately those who suffer from the effects of Diabetes.


I will be attending Weight Watchers meetings in NSW to keep an official record of my weight loss progress. I will also be having a Personal Trainer take my measurements and will also be taking several photos along the way.

My weigh-in records, measurements, sponsorship / donation levels and photos will be published on this site as well as the sites listed below. So, you can follow my journey, send messages of encouragement, tell your story, get further information or find out more on how your sponsorship money or donations can help change the lives of diabetics, and their families, by visiting the following sites:-


This cause is extremely personal to me. We have a long family history of diabetes, particularly in the maternal lineage, which has resulted in some chronic health problems for some, including, but not limited to, chronic heart disease (with several surgical interventions), poor circulation,, vision problems, nerve damage, chronic pain syndrome, problems during pregnancy, problems with healing and much more.

Due to my family health and diabetic history, and my current weight, I too am at high risk of contracting the disease. The strong family history of Diabetes also puts my 5 siblings, and any children we have, at greater risk of being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at some point in their lives.


This is a serious disease and the more people that know of the huge impact that it has, the greater chance we have of raising more money, of finding a cure and improving the health and lives of millions of people.

So please – spread the word by sharing this websites, with your friends and family. Everyone can contribute to finding a cure for diabetes and improving the quality of life for those people with Diabetes. All donations and sponsorship amounts, no matter how big or small, make a difference.

Losing the weight and completing this challenge will be difficult for me, but I am doing it for an awesome cause and I am sure that with your support, encouragement, sponsorship and lots of people watching and counting on me then I can, and WILL, do it!!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and for supporting me in any way you can on my journey LOSING IT TO HELP FIND IT! it truly means a lot!

One day I hope to be able to say, “My mum USED to have Type 1 Diabetes!”

Here’s to finding a cure and to good health for all!!!

Kind Regards & Many Thanks…


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